Manual Therapy
Manual therapy is the term used to describe a specific set of therapy techniques. It is the hands on application of force that can be used to mobilise structures of the body to treat symptoms. However equally important is the use of sensory feedback in establishing maximal muscular activity and control. Aims include, movement and function restoration, reduction in stiffness, decrease or eliminate pain and optimal soft tissue function.



Movement & Function Correction

Due to the repetitive nature or work, hobbies and lifestyle activities the body is placed in sustained positions and postures repeatedly over time that can create movement impairments and dysfunctions. These can lead to pain, reduced motion, limitations to performance and injury that if left unaddressed can create long term chronic conditions. 

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Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball

Exercise Therapy


As a significant part to any self-management plan of a condtion a specific exercise plan will be prescribed, instructed and demonstrated in order to prevent symptom or condition return. Essentially the primary aim of exercise therapy is to maintain full range of movement and maximise stability and strength for all daily activities 

Sports Injuries


For those who regularly participate in sports the threat of sports related injury is an ever present risk and physiotherapy can be vital in the recovery process. Although the benefits of physiotherapy in sports injury is well documented, less well known is the role in injury prevention or dysfunction correction prior to it leading to injury.

Kinesiology Taping


Kinesiology taping is a developing intervention that works with the bodies neuromusculoskeletal system to promote improved muscular activation, recruitment and balance. Working proprioceptively the correct application of the tape can reduce pain as well as stimulating effective muscular movement and control. This treatment is equally beneficial for symptom management and performance improvement.